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What is it about The Moon?

There is something undeniably magical about the Moon. In astrology, she represents our inner world and emotions. It is so powerful to make wishes and set intentions in tune with the Moon’s cycle.

So, during Full Moon, it is best to set your intentions, forgive, forget let loose, do your release work and relax. It is a powerful time to deal with your emotions and anxiety that crops up during this heavy energetic period. 

Things you can do to clear our negativity and dense energy around your house –

-Cleanse your house with sage

-Take a salt water bath / use healing salt when you shower

-Light a candle in every room with a clear intention 

-Smudge your house with incense 

-Meditate and soak up the moonlight 

-Write release letters and burn it 

-Release, release, release

-Practice forgiveness and do H’oponopono 

Powerful affirmations for full moon time –

I am ready to forgive 

I am ready to move on

I am ready to accept myself the way I am

I am ready for abundance 

I am ready for Love 

I am ready to embrace my true calling

New Moon time is the best time to form new ideas and beginnings. Make a list of intentions you wish to manifest. This time is the best time to gather new thoughts and plan for the future ahead. This is when the moon is in between the Earth and the Sun, so it cannot be seen from Earth.

Things we can do during New Moon time –

-Write a manifestation letter. Keep it under your pillow over night and the next morning bury in into a plant 

-Take a Bay Leaf and write power words like Abundance, Wealth, Prosperity, Good Luck, Happiness, Good Fortune and burn it 

-Pink Balloon Visualisation

The Waxing Moon is the best time to build your self confidence, your personality and plan your goals. 

Things you can do during waxing moon period –

-Write manifestation letters 

-Pink Balloon Visualisation

  • Self empowerment meditations 
  • Self help books 

The First Quarter is a powerful time for self introspection and being grateful for whatever we have achieved in our lives. This time is also a great time to celebrate your victories. 

You can do a lot of gratitude letter writing, loads of happiness affirmations, light lovely candles, take time out to listen to some great soothing music, enjoy yourself. 

The Waxing Gibbons is the time for mindfulness and taking action.

Whatever intentions you have, make sure you take actions to achieve those goals during this time.

Waning Gibbons Moon marks the winding down of the moon’s powerful energy. Best time to relax and rejuvenate yourself and letting loose. 

The best time to release fear and negativity is the Third Quarter time. Let go of any grudges or things that are holding you back and causing you anxiety or depression. Do not be stuck in any self-limiting thoughts and charge ahead. This is cleansing time.

The Waning moon is when we have a small crescent in the night sky. It is nearly time for a new moon and a new beginning. So take a deep breath and start organising yourself for a new moon. Get your manifestation diaries and start to note your intentions for the month ahead. This is a great time. Keywords – compassion, kindness and surrender 

So here’s all the information you need about the Moon Cycles ! Happy Manifesting !

Vinti Daswani

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