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Significance of Angel Numbers

We all have a set of guardian angels who help us to make the most of our Earthly journey by sending us surprises and joyful memories through their ever so magical angelic signs… one lovely such sign being in the form of numbers. They usually appear in groups of three. They could also appear as a split number like 2202 which is 222. 

Here are Some amazing angel numbers with a special message from the Universe.

111- The best of them all isn’t it? As i am writing this it is actually 11:14 am. Wow ! So 111, is a great great time to manifest your dreams. Go for the thing that you desire, follow your heart and fulfil that goal because your guardian angels are supporting your decision all the way. Take the lead, do the course, say sorry, just go for it. You are right on track !

222- This number is a confirmation that you are going to get what you deserve. Hold on patiently, plant the seed, keep moving towards your goal, be very positive and have faith. It’s all going to work out.

333- This number is a very unique number because many times we slacken in our faith procrastinating whether the idea to do what we want to is correct or not. Well, 333 is a reminder that be optimistic about your path it can be anything… a relationship, career, family, wealth.. anything. Just keep the flow going, and have patience. The universe does have your back.

444- Well, one of my favourite angel numbers ! 444. Our angels keep a close eye on what we do how we do things and so on. 444 is a great support system when we feel low or lacking confidence in something. It is a reassuring number and it’s here to tell you that  your angels are right there to help bring those blessings to you.

555- It is transition time.  A new phase. A new beginning. 555 indicates a major change in life. Moving into a new house, a new venture, a new relationship, a whole new you. Your dreams that you have worked hard on are finally coming into fruition. Exciting isn’t it?

666- The number six denotes balance, beauty and integrity. The number calls for a balance in all situations. A balanced diet, a balanced family life, balanced emotions and so on. It can also be letting go of something that is not serving you. So keep a watch on the 6’s… when you know it’s here, start flattening the curve by balancing it out. Be positive and know that you need to rethink the situation.

777- 7 is a lucky number. It denotes a lot of good fortune, a lot of surprises and good memories. When you see 777, be rest assured that something magical is going to happen. A windfall of wealth, an interview call, a gift from your loved one and so on. The number is all about abundance. But remember, if you spread the abundance around, you will get it back multifold so be generous. 

888- 888 is another number for good fortune, abundance and being happy. When you see this number, remember to have only positive thoughts and affirmations because what you think is going to manifest. So make sure its light, cheerful and happy. 

999- Time to let it all go. When you see this number, remember to let go of things that are not serving you. Do your meditation, write that release letter, don’t carry the stress on your shoulders, your angels will help you to let go…just make sure you call on them. Remember, all bad things don’t last so be joyful and look at the brighter side !

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