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The Hanged Man

The Miracle of Forgiveness

Archangel Jeremial thank you for helping me understand the process of forgiveness.

General Meaning

In every challenging area of your life right now there is an opportunity to forgive forgiveness is a deconditioning of the mind it is a process that takes place when we let go of fear and choose to love instead. It is a miraculous procedure that breaks down the barricades that shut off our heart and soul from the most divine and abundant of experiences. Your guardian Angel is encouraging you to choose forgiveness today as you deserve to experience only love in your life and your spiritual journey.

Expanded Interpretation

The angels know you can give yourself a hard time over past choices. They are shining the light of healing and support on you and encouraging you to forgive yourself and let go of any thoughts of regret or pain. Unforgiving thoughts whether towards yourself or anyone else just becomes a weight a drain on your body and mind your angels are here to set you free from the past and remind you it does not exist it is the present moment that is real you are here now trust this and allow yourself to move forward you are forgiven never forget it.

Archangel Jeremial

His name means mercy of god and he is the Angel who allows us to look back over our life and gain clarity on where we are today he is a miracle worker and he helps to bring the flame of forgiveness into our hearts so we can move forward in a more fearless and powerful way you can invoke his presence by visualising his bright yellow orange and gold or surrounding you.

Vinti Daswani

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