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The Inner Voice

The Inner Voice

Thank you angels for guiding me through my inner voice.

General Meaning

General Meaning the angels are now ready to bring you guiding thoughts and feelings and inspiring words. Within you is a strong resilient voice that they are able to use to send you guidance so take some time to listen within. You have been asking for help and support from the higher realms and they are now ready to guide you lovingly into the next step. Any loving guidance you are hearing at this time is 100% from source trust it.

Expanded Interpretation

The inner voice is very subtle and it takes patience and the willingness to listen in order to truly hear what it says but you will know when the angels are speaking to you because whatever they present to you will be wholly loving and supportive and there will be no rush. If your guidance is to do something that will bring harm to you or another person or you are promised excessive riches then you’ll know your ego has taken over. Close your eyes and listen. Support is there for you right now say the prayer and then trust.

Vinti Daswani

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