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The Divine Physician

Archangel Raphael

thank you Raphael for shining and divine light upon my healthy body

General meaning

yah engines can see that you need a boost of light in energy at this time together with archangel Raphael there filling your body mind and soul with healing energy so take some time out to care for your whole being close your eyes and allow archangel Raphael and healing Angels to place the hands upon you you are blessed to receive this ka today because healing is being brought to you on all levels except it

Expanded interpretation

Healing doesn’t begin in the body it begins in the mind and soul. It isn’t your body that determines how you feel but your mind that determines what state your body is in. Think healing positive thoughts at this time and be grateful for what’s good about your body and your health. As you recognise the health benefits you already have more will be brought to you. You may well find that healing Angels are also here to help you heal others but in order to do this you must ensure that you yourself are in good health. So heal within then share what you have learnt with the world.

Archangel Raphael

Raphael’s name means God heals and he is the archangel of health and healing. With his emerald aura he has the ability both to heal us and to help us heal ourselves. He carries a caduceus wand as a symbol of his divine healing abilities. He is the doctor of God and will bring healing to all those who call upon him.

Vinti Daswani

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