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The Hierophant

Loved One in Heaven

Thank you loved ones in heaven for drawing close at this time.

General meaning 

The angels are bringing through a loved one who is in heaven at this time they want you to know that the energy and support are always with you .Your loved one in heaven is drawing extremely close to you and wants to help heal any remaining pain of feeling of separation that is within your heart. Take time to acknowledge and remember them for this will allow you to feel the love.

Expanded Interpretation

The energy of a loved one wants to help you move forward in a loving and safe way. If there is someone on the other side whom you miss or you have unfinished business with this is your opportunity to make peace with them please know they are offering their love to help remove anything that is holding you back and asking you not to feel guilty about anything at all. They have found eternal peace in heaven with the family who have gone on before them.

Vinti Daswani

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