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The Star

Inner Power

The Divine Father

Divine Father thank you for co creating my world with me.

General Meaning

You are blessed to receive the support of the universal father today. You have the power within you to create your world and you are being encouraged to see that this power is only in place when you are coming from a space of love. Release any toxic feelings and feel blessed knowing God is with you today. You are so powerful when you share your love with the world.

Expanded Interpretation 

You are being encouraged by God and his Angels to be a powerful leader of love there are two ways of accepting power – you can use it to install fear and overpower others or you can use it to guide and empower yourself and others. Lead by example and be the powerful loving leader you desire to see in the world. You are a powerful humanly and filled with love.


Shiva is the Hindu God of strength and power. He is the ultimate father figure and is known for his leadership and fiery energy. He is known as a destroyer and the cosmic dancer but it is important to say that he is another expression of love. When called upon he does destroy the negative energy of our lives but he can lighten up our world like the sun. In this deck we have focused on him as a divine father as he gives support and strength as a representative of our father in heaven, God.

Vinti Daswani

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