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Don’t hate, Meditate!

Thank you Angels for guiding me to love through meditation.

General meaning

Anytime you feel overwhelmed by anger or frustration close your eyes and connect with the Angels around you. They are a great part of your life when they want you to remove the feelings that aren’t serving you so that you can have a deeper and richer connection with them. Meditate and connect with heaven to extend your awareness so you can become more aware of who surround you on an energetic level.

Expanded Interpretation

 You are really independent as a soul and its wonderful have self sufficient you are but the angels are encouraging you to spend some time meditating and welcoming the help and the help of God so that you can be a co-creator of the world in their light and that of your creator. Anytime you find yourself about to use the ‘hate’ word close your eyes for a few minutes and focus on something that makes me you feel safe, free and blessed -something you truly Love.

Vinti Daswani

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