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Connect with Music

Thank you Angels for inspiring me through Music !

General Meaning

The Angels are encouraging you to take time in your day to listen to music. Use it as a tool to help yourself relax and enjoy your life. Music brings people together and it’s important to spend time with like-minded friends and loved ones in an environment where you can dance and have fun. Taking some time to do this allows your heart to open to the inspiration from the Angels surrounding you.

Expanded Interpretation

You are a beacon of light and the Angels want to help you connect with their guidance and inspiration. Listening to positive and uplifting music is so important for your spiritual growth. As you do so your heart will open up and draw the Angels close to you. They are desperate to dance at your side -make it happen! There are also messages coming to you through lyrics and music so keep your eyes open if you are a musician, the Angels want to be a part of your musical career invite them in.

Vinti Daswani

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