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Thank you angels for bringing my life into balance

General meaning

Take time to balance out your life. You are trying to be everywhere at once and you’ll be feeling out of sync because of this. Taking time for yourself is an important step but also balance out your work schedule and home life. When you slow down and create a schedule, you will feel as though you have more time.

Expanded interpretation

The Angels know how busy you are and that you like to do as much as you can. They are here to guide you to balance out your life because they know how tired and drained you are you feel trying to complete all of the task to have set for yourself. It is important for you to know what balance is and how much you can do without over exerting yourself in any way. You have the ability to balance out your home, work, family and social life so that you can feel strong, healthy and empowered.

Vinti Daswani

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